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Lean Leadership and Management

Launch and Boost are two courses for the different needs of managers.

  • 1 hour
  • 3 day min. day rate
  • virtual and on-site

Service Description

Launch content and practicum is designed for service level managers and leaders. It will include Lean (TPS) principles as core and the importance of process and kaizen toward achieving performance metrics with an approach to foster a healthy culture of continuous improvement. Launch content can be modified to suit any sector of work or business. Reach out and let's discuss your frontline teams's needs. Boost is an opportunity to bring clarity and alignment of purpose with people. This course is intentional in addressing senior management needs, direction, priority, stability, commitment, personal discipline and energy with leading business cultures of continuous improvement. Boost content can be modified to suit your company's needs. Let's connect and talk shop.

Contact Details

715 451-1180

Small town Wisconsin

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