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Ancora Imparo- I am still Learning


What makes Christian different is his passion, energy and enthusiasm for the application of continuous improvement -Kaizen-which has been a thread running through his career from the very beginning of his time working in Manufacturing to now serving clients in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Food, Retail, Social Media, Education, Government, NGO, Healthcare or non-profit. His core values of Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Positivity and Creative spirit bound by his faith show in his fresh, pragmatic service to others.

Having worked with leaders of diverse organizations, I have helped them create cultures which are value driven at every touch point, creating real, measurable and sustainable impact. 

Servant Leadership with aligned empowered and accountable management can make a difference at every level of an organization, operating successfully from board to inspiring staff and service level workers to more effectively collaborate, serve and excel. 

Coaching leaders and teams armed with new skills simultaneously increases 

confidence and competence within the entire organization. Momentum of curiosity and courage grows as well inspiring companies to provide and achieve more!

Actively involved with leading industry figures in the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies to support both incremental and radical business transformation with unshakeable respect for people.

20+ Years Executive Lean Coach & Still Learning

Christian M. Wolcott

Principal- Semoto LLC

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